friday’s finds

the theme for this week’s friday’s finds is flea market finds >>>
i have actually not had the chance to go flea-ing this week, between bed rest & (more recently) going back to work, BUT i hope that you had!!! i just recently learned about a wicked huge flea market in ehlkorn (about 45 minutes east of my place) that they have every sunday…maybe i’ll venture out this sunday?

anyway, here are my contributions to this week’s friday’s finds, in the spirit of ‘flea-ing’… one of the many things i scour for in antique shops/ malls/ markets/fairs, thrift stores, tag sales/ebay, etc. are BASKETS, particularly these nested ones (above) & old fashioned picnic ones (below)…i really don’t know why these attract me so, but they just do! maybe i was a basket weaver in a former life, lol! (sorry, it’s just that i’ve been thinking a lot lately about the whole KARMA thing)…
& lately, i’ve been looking for all sorts, shapes & sizes of FRAMES…for my growing pieces of artwork that i’ve been creating since i started this blog of mine! & i am a SUCKER for birds, nature, flowers, sky scenes (to name a few), like this 3-d cardinal below…too cute to pass up for $1usd!!!!!
how was your ‘flea-ing’ adventure this week? oh, please do show & tell>>>either post a comment with your link here OR post your treasures on flickrPosted by Picasa


2 Responses

  1. I would have died & gone to heaven for those stackables!!!!! Great score!

  2. can we go shopping together! You find the most amazing things! I love love love the baskets…I tried to go shopping for things for my craft area, to organize better, Target…wooden boxes marked 75% off (uh oh I can see you making a mad dash, we open at 8am! in most states!) and thought, no, I DONT want to buy new, I want to dig through a pile and get creative, I put the whole cart back, the boxes had lids and were dark wood and heavy and my desk area has a little cherry look to it…just wasn’t what i was exactly looking for…I really need to take a day, go to some yard sales and just find some nice things to store my craft supplies in…we are going away for a few days, maybe I will browse some quaint stores and find something or get my hubby to make something out of his scraps that he has a pile going in the backyard, or hell, maybe I will make my own..ok, I need to change the time on my posts, it is 5:09, I dont know why it says it is earlier! gotta fix that, people are beginning to think I am crazy!

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